Can photos be printed in transfers?

Artwork of photo-realistic quality does not print well as a screen printed transfer. We would advise our V-Color (digitally printed vinyl) process.

I have an e-mail saying more information is needed on my job, where do I go?

A message has been sent to you by one of our CSRs. Log into your account and check your messages via the My Jobs tab. Click, Reply to message to answer the question that is being asked.

How can I get Saturday Delivery?

If Saturday Delivery is available in your area, check your job out with Priority Overnight via FedEx, then e-mail requesting Saturday Delivery and approving the upgrade fees.

If I have new artwork for an existing job, where should I send it to?

For any new artwork on an existing job, e-mail the file to

Do you ship USPS?

We do not. We offer great rates for FedEx or UPS.

What is the difference between your Custom Transfers and Versacolor?

Our Custom Transfers require you to choose the colors you wish to print in your order. Versacolor is a 4 color process using CMYK to make the colors in your artwork.

What is the minimum that I can order?

For Custom Transfers it’s 2 sheets. For Versacolor it’s 10 sheets. V-cut and V-Color are priced per image and have no minimum.

What kind of Artwork do you require?

We require vector artwork. If you cannot vector your artwork, we do provide this service but it will be at an additional cost to your job. Vectoring fees are completely dependent upon how long it will take our artist to recreate your artwork and will be alerted to you prior to any further actions on your job. You will be notified of any art charges prior to any fees that may be added to your order. If you can vector your artwork, please follow our guidelines on doing so here:

How many images will fit on your sheet?

The printable area of our sheets is 13” x 19”. You can find Ganging Tips in our Tools section:

Where can I find your prices?

This will always be in your toolbar above, you can find them here:

Have more questions?

Please contact Customer Service at or click on Chat (at the bottom right of your screen) to have your questions answered.