* Before using, understand that the colors shown on this site are computer simulations of Versatrans stock colors and may not match Versatrans stock color ink. Always consult VERSATRANS COLOR SWATCHES to visually evaluate any result before choosing colors and placing your order.

The PMS code is for reference only, and may not be an exact match. The PMS code is the closest representation of the actual color.

Standard Colors

Reflective Glow In The Dark Black Charcoal White Toasted Oatmeal Light Grey Grey Stone Grey
Fog Grey Brown Dark Brown Yellow Creamsicle Daisy  Maize Gold Dark Gold
Old Gold Orange Texas Orange Pumpkin Orange  Deep Orange Red Really Red Mid Red Dark Red
Brick Red Cardinal Red Mahogany Fuchsia Maroon Cranberry  Magenta Flesh Natural
Tan Peach Beige  Pink Medium Pink Rose Gold Watermelon Hot Pink Burgundy
Lime Electric Green Spring Green Kelly Green Olive Green Aspen Green  Celery Green Seafoam Green  Apple Green
Moss Green  Dark Green Spartan Green  Light Blue Turquoise Ocean Blue Tropical  Sapphire Columbia Blue
Sky Blue Metallic Ice Blue Aqua Royal Blue Honolulu Blue  Denim Blue Dark Royal Midnight Blue  Reflex Blue
Navy Teal Light Purple Purple Raisin  Violet Purple Grape Silver Shimmer Gold Shimmer
Vegas Gold Neon Yellow Neon Orange Neon Pink Neon Magenta Neon Red Neon Blue Neon Green Neon Purple
Metallic Black Metallic Red Metallic Magenta Metallic Orange Metallic Yellow Metallic Blue Metallic Marine Metallic Purple Metallic Fuchsia
Metallic Green Metallic Copper Stevenson Blue Pastel Pink Pastel Purple Pastel Yellow Pastel Green Pastel Blue Clear
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Reflective Colors

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